The origin of the The origin of emotional and physical imbalances that set in someone’s life



Repetitive patterns

Méthode Energétique Globale du Corps - MEGC


“Today, after so many years of giving consultations, it is time for me to devote myself to research and transmission.

Sharing my passion through training, seminars and conferences is my new daily routine, making the WBEM (or MEGC) family of practitioners who consult throughout France and around the world grow even more.

To all of you, who are discovering the WBEM method, who wish to deepen your approach, understand what it can bring you, how it can train you… I dedicate this site.

As the global hub of the WBEM, this is a reliable reference through which you can get to know new practitioners that live close to you. Trained and perfectly competent, driven as I am by a desire to share and constantly hone their skills, they work to improve the WBEM and collaborate with other health practitioners.

We are a team. We work in cohesion to further research and understanding. We are concern with the development of a beautiful and healthy ethical framework. As you know, the advantage of the WBEM is its lack of rigid protocols. Without pretence, we simply seek to help human beings, of all ages and conditions, to meet themselves and create their own healing by discovering their functioning as a whole, to feel better above all, and to live better as a consequence.

This exciting conviction is the result of years and years of research, it is something that I m so proud to share with you today and to pass on, in my consulting activities, to certified professional WBEM practitioners and researchers. »

Iyane Sidibé.


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