MEGC Conferences

Whole Body Energy Method is designed to help people in their quest for well-being. On this subject, research is never complete. We make extraordinary discoveries that broaden our vision and understanding of how people work. The person is busy in search of themselves that’s what’s captivating!


Through WBEM conferences, Iyane Sidibé deals with the multiple and varied themes related to the method: (re)discovery the exciting world of WBEM, research, application and broadening of horizons! A wonderful dive into the heart of the journey to yourself, captivating content and moments rich in emotion that will undoubtedly give you the desire to know more!


Discover the upcoming conferences below. Talk about it around you and come in large numbers!


Be the initiator of a conference in France, Spain and many other countries! We are there for you. Propose a theme that is of interest to you!

WBEM conferences are spread over one or two hours and can take different shapes: public or private conferences, sessions for associations or audiences for professionals, etc.

Developed to support group collaboration, these conferences allow you to gain in listening and cohesion for teams, in the interest of everyone’s development. Do you want to bring your group to life, discover and understand how it works, and optimize your communication? Increase the motivation and commitment of your teams in all business sectors, associations and committees, sports clubs, etc.

MEGC conferences are held on demand. If you have an idea about a subject to be addressed, simply contact our teams. Tell us about your project! We will be happy to examine your proposals and also delighted to discuss them with you. Together, we will build the terms and conditions of the event. In relation to your chosen theme, we will prepare the richest and most suitable conference to match your expectations.

The rates will discussed with applicants in accordance with their expectations. At the practical level, the responsibility for site organisation (room reservation, logistics, etc.) lies with applicants.