Memories, speed of personal evolution, personality… Each one is different. For this reason, the duration of a WBEM session may vary from one individual to another.

Let’s figuratively consider an onion. An onion is made up of several layers, or strata. The strata constitute different levels that protect the core of the bulb and also lead to it. Peeling an onion to reach its heart requires removing each layer one by one.

The same is true in WBEM. The practitioner’s objective is to advance from one stratum to another, from one state of consciousness to another, to the nucleus: the deep being.

The number of past strata adjusts to the individual’s own rate of change.




Getting to know yourself in WBEM consultations consists in:

Identifying and understanding the repressed emotions of a family which, because they were ignored became conditioning, and now form part of repetitive patterns.

Adopt a different perspective and then pull on those strings that connect each event as experienced by us as well as by our ancestors in order to obtain clear answers that concern the  family as a whole.

Collect and examine this information, the study and assimilation of which, leads to a gain in autonomy for people.

With the help of professionals or alone, becoming aware, evolving and empowering oneself on a daily basis. It is a healthy process of development, which avoids creating and sustaining relationships of dependence.

Individual consultations


The WBEM (or MEGC) is practiced on children of all ages because it uses a reflex test that is accessible to all and requires no manipulation, just a touch of the hand.

  • Difficulties in eating (suckling, etc.)
  • Sleep trouble
  • Scared of the dark
  • Asthma
  • Allergies


  • Learning,
  • Relational,
  • Academic,
  • Addictions,
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder,
  • Preparation for tests and exams


  • Support in all areas (health, emotional and/or professional life)

Senior citizens

  • Pain and anxiety due to aging,
  • End-of-life support


  • Follow-up of the child teenage,
  • Support for parents in difficulty


  • Facing pain: (understanding and accompanying it),
  • Learning and development

Family consultations

  • Overall analysis of the inherited family programme
  • Interaction between members of the same family
  • Study and inversion of conflict mechanisms


  • Relationship and sexuality
  • Difficulties conceiving a child

Pregnancy and after giving birth

  • Pregnancy follow-up in parallel with medical care,
  • High-risk pregnancies,
  • Difficulties in foetal development and growth

Sports consultations

Sports consultations

  • Help with physical and mental optimization
  • Nutrition advice
  • Release of blockages and tensions

Animal consultations

Animal consultations

Animal consultations are initiated by practitioners specially trained in the study of the animal world, wild, domestic, farm and/or aquatic.

  • Analysis of the animal’s overall condition and keys to understanding,
  • Relief from animal distress and suffering,
  • Pain relief,
  • Behavioural disorders,
  • Food difficulties
  • Analysis of the animals’ living space

Competition animals

  • One to one preparation and advice on performance (between the horse and their rider)


The price of a WBEM (or MEGC) consultation is 70€  per session.


  • Paris region: 90€
  • Neighbouring France (Haute-Savoie): 110€
  • Switzerland: CHF 160

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