First, it offers preventive support in order to contact the self-healing and self-balancing forces that we all naturally have, within ourselves.

It does not replace other technics. On the contrary, it complements them and is at their service. The application of the method eliminates the adverse effects of toxins associated with drug treatments.


Whole Body Energy Method

Takes into consideration the body as a whole
(The emotional, the energy and physical aspects)

WBEM (MEGC) is a care holistic approach. By reading the body, it makes it possible to identify emotional and energy imbalances contained within in oneself. It covers our trans-generational experience, and our past to the present day.

WBEM (MEGC) is a step-by-step method: it cannot work without us. Its application is not intended to bring healing but to unmask pains and sufferings that are inscribed in our mind and in our mind and our body. When these mechanisms are identified and their functioning is integrated, it becomes possible to neutralize them. Then and only then begins the path to deep and lasting healing.

Beyond our physical body, there is an entire energy system that contains a large amount of existential information. Signals appear in energy long before a problem manifests itself in the physical body.



Illness is an important ordeal in a lifetime.

Beyond the quest for a cure, it is essential to understand THE WHY of the disease and to place this experience in the overall context of a person’s evolution.

The energetic or emotional imbalance as well as the alteration of one or more subtle bodies can be one of the causes leading to disease, pain, or discomfort.

These subtle bodies and the information they contain constitute our own individual truth. It resides deeply within us.

Our outward desires and inner truths can conflict, as someone is clustered by his hereditary past, which they inherit at the very moment of their conception.

Yet, since the truth is within us, it is accessible to us !  Everybody can do it ! Conflict can end: we can heal.

What is “healing”?

Is our point of view strictly physical?

Can we call “healing” the process of learning to be happy or the state of happiness itself ?

How about when one enjoys renewed peace?
Is that also healing?

It is up to us to give meaning to our quest to identify our own healing.

“In the end, much of our healing depends on our understanding of things.

The body is made up of energy center. By freeing themselves from negative impressions that pollute or disrupt them, they create new dynamics. The body is then able to restore itself and revitalize its organs in relation to these long ignored and weakened center.