Training opening 2019/2020


Taking into account that the number of MEGC training degree is growing fast, a new organization is to forsee. Indeed, we will propose for 2019-2020 several training centers in France and abroad.

Here are the following centers :

France :
– Bordeaux
– Rouairoux

Switzerland :
– Geneva
– Zurich

– Zaragoza
– Madrid
– Barcelona

Sénégal :

For any application, please stipulate the city you are interested in. However, if we get more than 6 applications in one same area (which is not indicated previously) a new training center can be open in this area.


The purpose of the MEGC Cycle 1 professional training is to lead the student to an understanding of origin of negative source memories as well as the mechanisms of emotional and energetic functioning.

At the end of the training, the student is able to:

  • Mobilize the necessary knowledge to establish links between the information given by the body and physical or psychological illness
  • Accompany the person to become aware of their functioning and to recognize the origin of their illness
  • Implement a self-correction mechanism

This training includes a large part of practice in order to lead the student to gain confidence, work autonomy and develop a sense of investigation according to WBEM (or MEGC) philosophy.

It should be noted that the student’s follow-up covers their practical progress, their personal development and the analysis of their own functioning in order to understand and integrate them. The objective is to acquire maximum distance and detachment in order to take a neutral and non-judgmental look at the care they can provide.

Indeed, Cycle 1 is a real help to one’s own person development before learning the actual art itself. Therefore, personal involvement is essential to consolidate the foundations for the future practice of this profession. Theoretical and practical work must be carried out between each weekend of training.


The purpose of MEGC Cycle 2 professional training is to deepen and perfect the skills acquired in Cycle 1.

The lessons follow a progressive evolution according to the following breakdown:

Part 1: Initial training: knowledge and methods of correction

Part 2: Vital Energy

Part 3: Physical Body

Advancement in the training curriculum brings the student within reach of new discoveries. Exciting meetings are in perspective! Some aspects that have not yet been addressed are developed here and anchored in reality.

Cycle 1 raised many new questions. In Cycle 2 modules, the challenge is to bring the student, to a satisfactory level of understanding.

In concrete terms, Cycle 2 is complete when students:

  • Can provide satisfactory responses
  • Have a deeper knowledge of themselves
  • Are equipped to overcome them own obstacles and support others with in-depth analyses
  • Are able to examine the real needs of people
  • Are able to conduct a successful session
  • Have their its training enriched with new themes that they will  implement with WBEM (or MEGC)

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