Facilitated by Iyane Sidibé and qualified instructors, WBEM seminars are designed to promote the individual’s understanding of their own functioning and development. They address specific and varied themes related to the Whole Body Energy Method and will make you (re)discover fields that are absolutely captivating. Within two or three days, unsuspected truths will be highlighted and deepened before your eyes.

The concept of the WBEM seminars was born from requests made by our consultants, and people who attended our conferences, as they were asking for more! This is a clear  indicator of the quality of these privileged moments. They are rich in sharing and discovery and deepen our understanding of ourselves, our approach to others and to the world around us.

NEXT WBEM (or MEGC) SEMINARS – CALENDAR and INFO – Consult our program and talk about it! We look forward to seeing you in our seminars!

Avril 2019

06Avr(Avr 6)10 h 00 min07(Avr 7)16 h 00 minSÉMINAIRE "écouter son corps"

Mai 2019

31Mai(Mai 31)10 h 00 min02Jui(Jui 2)16 h 00 minSÉMINAIRE "notre corps éthérique"

Juin 2019

31Mai(Mai 31)10 h 00 min02Jui(Jui 2)16 h 00 minSÉMINAIRE "notre corps éthérique"

Juillet 2019

12Jui(Jui 12)10 h 00 min14(Jui 14)16 h 00 minSéminaire d'étè "Votre corps vous parle"

Août 2019

09Aou(Aou 9)10 h 00 min11(Aou 11)16 h 00 minSéminaire d'étè "Votre corps vous parle" (2)


Be the initiator of a seminar in France, Spain and many other countries!

Iyane Sidibé, co-founder of the WBEM (or MEGC), regularly hosts seminars at the MEGC I & J SIDIBÉ International Centre in Spain. These sessions are spread over three days. However, there is a formula for organizing seminars in other countries.

The profiles of the seminars are free and varied. Indeed, they are done on request: private seminars for companies, schools, associations, sports teams and organisations, etc. Bring your group to life and take part in a wonderful journey to the heart of yourself, for daily fulfilment in all aspects of your personal and/or professional life!

Would you like to introduce your association group, work teams, colleagues or sports association to the MEGC? Start an event in your city! Please contact us. We are attentive to your needs and desires.

We will examine your applications carefully and will be happy to discuss them. Together, we will craft the seminar terms and conditions as close as possible to your needs.

  • Seminars in Spain – MEGC I & J SIDIBÉ International Center (Figueras): MEGC teams do not provide accommodation or meals but we have compiled useful lists for you (including close-by quality hotels and restaurants). Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.
  • Seminars on request – in the applicant’s country: fees and charges are discussed with the applicant according to their expectations. The practical aspects of the event (room bookings, logistics, etc.) remain the responsibility of applicants.